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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lets Get Serenading - Nino Charmaine on DealDey (Mega Awoof)

....[This is an update to the original Post Below. The Dealdey offer was fun but is over. A big cheery heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who took up the offer, read the blog and helped spread the word. Our prices remain ridiculously cheap and we look forward to hosting you. Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

*dancing to the tune of music playing*

Yes people, Christmas came early this year as Nino Charmaine debuts on Naija's very own discount site DealDey. We are offering our Premium Serenade Service @ a massive discount just for the next 7 days (yes o, better awoof) and the fine people at DealDey couldn't have put in any better words than these...:

"Surprises can take different forms like getting your Christmas present in Easter or Opening your favourite pot of soup and finding cockroaches in it (*big grin*). Surprise your loved ones in the best way possible with today's Deal for a Bespoke Serenade Session courtesy of Nino Charmaine Company.

Flowers and music have been the trademarks of romance (and appreciation) since time immemorial. Take advantage of our professional vocalists on sensual instruments and weave special moments to cherish.

Select from two service options which may be either a vocalist on a musical instrument with exotic flowers, and a gift box containing any one of: a bottle of wine, cake, chocolates, candies, ice-cream, fruits, spa voucher, scented candles OR a vocalist on a musical instrument with a gift box containing any three of: a bottle of wine, cake, chocolates, candies, ice-cream, fruits, spa voucher, scented candles. This Deal is a perfect gift for appreciating loved ones, pastors, mothers, fathers, wife, husbands, friends, associates etc. Choose your loved ones' favourite songs or have one chosen from a list to Serenade the most important person in your life.

Nino Charmaine is a company that is involved in Conceptual and Exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring and conservative"

...What can we say, we strongly believe everyone deserves a moment of spotlight meant for them alone... and we really wanna genuinely delight and spread happiness to everyone.

Hurry now to the DealDey website or use this direct link http://www.dealdey.com/deals/bespoke-serenade-service-from-nino-charmaine to enjoy this Service at the massive discount rate. Take up this offer while it lasts.

We know we all love awoof, so we are already looking forward to receiving your orders from DealDey.

To have a feel of how this is done just in case you missed the video post on our executed Serenade, please visit this link http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/serenades-what-we-do.html and enjoy the video of Ms MOE's Serenade.

To also see pictures from another executed surprise, please view it here http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/port-novo-surprise-what-we-do.html


Monday, 23 September 2013


We'd just straight out say it; we are stomped on how to start this post!

Yesssssssssssssssssss DJ Switch won, but words actually fail to capture our joy, excitement and the "DJSwitch Won the XFactor Dance" we did when she was announced winner... thus our being stomped on how to start this post (Yes people, we fashioned out a victory dance and totally enjoy ourselves dancing it).

Errmm if this is your first time and it feels we are speaking Chinese, please read the following posts to get a proper feel/understanding of what we are going on about: http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/glos-x-factor-west-africa.html, http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/09/dj-switch-glos-x-factor.html and http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/glo-x-factor-weekend-23-25th-aug-2013.html

This post is specially dedicated to "bsk" who commented on our previous post about DJ Switch (Dj Switch & Glo's X Factor). Enjoy

For the Grand Finale, they were asked to perform the songs they did during the auditions which qualified them to the next stage of the competition. 
[Recall for the auditions, DJSwitch sang "Forever Young by Jay Z" and she started with Jay Z's lyrics then switched it up to hers.] Well, for the grand finale, using the beat of the song, she rapped to her own lyrics and then did a tribute to her Mentor MI by singing a verse of his lyrics from his song "Undisputed Champion". Now even though it was the grand finale, she gave us a lil' something to show she is a force to reckon with when it comes to stage performances; she rapped bent backwards (she had previously rapped upside down), making us love the disciplined hard worker she is...

...the Finale progresses and she is announced winner...she couldn't stand still, couldn't talk, couldn't believe herself, tripped on the stairs while she ran down to hug her mum... ahh, twas wonderful seeing her go through all those emotions all at once. We loved the sheer surprise, grace and humility she displayed when she was announced the first Glo XFactor Winner, taking home a whooping N24m ($150,000) and a recording contract with Sony Music. 

Tit Bits:
We loved Alexandra Burke's first outfit but too much oil was rubbed on her skin to make it shine!
Eyfa looked gorgeous in her red gown. Flavour we couldn't resist. Toolz wore her worst outfit of the entire show. We loved Bella's outfit, she and Toolz were cute with the right amount of make up on (are we the only ones who saw the resemblance between the two ladies? hmm) & we noticed Eshun wasn't pleased/happy for Switch as she hugged her unlike Vicky...(or was that just us?)
We also loved DJSwitch's rendition of the winner's song "Safe Landing". She did it her way :)
And last but not the least, watch out for DJSwitch's mum's dance on stage hahahaha, we've tagged it the "N24m dance" hehehe

Good people, Presenting to you for the last time, DJ Switch on Glo XFactor Season 1.

and the winner is 

To #DJSWITCH; Congrats gal. You deserve it. We remain by your side to cheer, encourage and support you as you grow into the superstar you already are. Just take heed to the words MI spoke to you after you were announced winner. All the best in your career gal... we wouldn't mind being part of your official publicity team *big grin*

Yes we would love to see a DjSwitch and MI song. But not the bursting all out rap thingy everyone's clamouring for. We'd love short soft verses by each rapper and then a hard call and response between the two rappers (it plays out perfectly in our head *big grin*)

For complete videos on all DJ Switches Performances please visit the Glo XFactor channel on youtube.
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Lastly, we have a surprise brewing up for y'all...watch out on Wednesday.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Omo See Signal... Faaji

[UPDATE - As at the time we originally wrote this post, we had no idea who the creators of this master piece were, now we do, its the awesome animators at Orange VFX. All kudos and rights go to them. Please like their facebook page and subscribe to their channel too. Enjoy]

...You know that feeling when you see a video sooo good you just gotta share? Well that's was the case with this absolutely awesome video as it was too fab not to share with you good people.

We have no idea who to give the credits for this video but one of us attributed the credits to "Be Inspired_TV"... Again, this video isn't ours; if you know who owns it please tell us and we would give them the full credits for it.

Be warned, the video is contagious and guaranteed to lift up your mood no matter the state you are in... So, put on your dancing shoes and join our animated friends as they "mu jo jo" to the correct Gbedu (kindly pause blog song on the right hand corner of the page)

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Official Pictures of the Movie - Last Minute

Yes yes yes we rep all things Angel F and guess what, hez in a movie yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Naturally we have to rep the movie too *winks*

Movie Title: Last Minute
Movie Producer: Eva George. CEO of Mo Eva's World Production
Movie Director: Best Okoduwa
Movie Genre: Dance Drama
From the Producer: Eva George promises Last Minute is a very unique film with a powerful rich story which tells the plight of Orphans and the less privileged in a way she is certain has never been told in Nigeria before. Eva George hopes the movie would encourage the government, the organised private sector and individuals to give more attention to the needs of charity organisations and the less privileged amongst us.

Enjoy as we bring you some of the official pictures of the main movie cast

PhotoShoot Credits:
Costumes: Anne George and Lewis Bassey
Make Up: Anne George
Hair Stylist, Manicure/Pedicure: Tope Alafin
Photoshoot Manager: Eva George

Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

Monday, 9 September 2013

DJ SWITCH & Glo's X Factor

Our first post on the Glo X Factor was on 23/08/2013 and boy, did we get so many feedback via email saying that we should have been neutral and not hyping DJ Switch... lol well, its our pleasure to report that we've received many more emails asking that we must find the time to do a post this week ensuring we do Hype DJ SWITCH! hahaha.

Words cannot explain how phenomenal this young lady is. Yes shez had her fair share of struggles, trials, efforts, but I guess this is just her set time. Every time she steps on the stage, she takes us through a journey; an engaging, delightful, emotional journey. A journey and performance we do not want to end. Her creativity, her stunts, her stage usage, her singing, her musicality, her energy, facial expressions, body language and performance switch... she is so awesome we wonder why no one has signed her up yet... its all good, because if she was signed up, we all wouldn't have been blessed with discovering how marvelously talented she is.

We won't write much grammar in this post, we just ask you guys to vote to keep DJSWITCH in the competition. For once, let us show them that rigging and "magomago" will not cut it for we the audience. We know a talent and will stand by it. Even aunt Onyeka had to acknowledge the gift called DJ Switch. Voting lines close by 8pm today, Send 504 to 33680 to keep DJSwitch in the Competition. 

And if you don't watch the Glo X Factor or you missed it this weekend, please enjoy DJ Switch's performances below; Glo XFactor you tube channel receives all credits for the videos. You can visit the Glo Xfactor you tube channel for videos of other contestants...

Before we bring you the video, might we also add that we are so happy MI got to mentor DJ Switch, we really do not see her doing this excellent under the mentor-ship of the other 2 judges. So herez a great big ups to Mr Incredible himself @MI_Abaga for unveiling this bundle of talent to the world (who does numb/encore with Michael Jackson? we almost ran mad when we saw that performance; and this was after the AWESOME stunts/rendition of Adele's someone like you).

As "Ann Sag" posted 19hours ago on you tube, "How can a rapper sing so good like this nawa oo naija really get talent" & Yes Adele, we know you wanna do a remix of your song with DJ Switch, its allowed. The gal murdered your song adding a soft rap ballad and an Igbo poem to it, naija waaay baibee. 

My Good people, Enjoy the videos (kindly pause the blog song at the right corner of the page) and yes do vote and vote and keep voting. Lastly, please like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany?ref=hl and follow us on Twitter @NinoCharmaine

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Of Arsene Wegner and The Signing of Mesut Ozil

Yesssssssss Nino Charmaine talks football and what better way of starting the football posts than with this video from "OurOwnArea" (the same guys who brought us the "Oliver Don Twist", "Baba Suwe" and "Wa Gba Petrol" videos) 

Again, all credits for this video goes to OurOwnArea.

Spanking New; We bring to you Ballistic (Why Arsene signed Ozil). Enjoy (of course be reminded to pause the blog song; top right corner of the page before you view the video)

Dear Arsenal Fans, please do not have our heads as every member of this team is a full fledged Gunners for life *big grin*

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