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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ALPHA - "My Own Horns" (The JazzRap Project)

I’d just say it; nope I did not expect what I heard when I listened to this EP… I was like; jazz rap from a young early twenties Nigerian rapper? Yea right... Ok o let’s hear it… and boom, what came forth was explosive. 

Young Rapper and Producer Alpha is no newbie to this blog (read our first write up on him here). However, "My Own Horns (The JazzRap Project)" is his brand new EP of six original songs, all self-produced, and featuring guest appearances from Fortune (formerly Angel F) and new songstress Purple. 
The average person who listens to music by Nigerian acts can almost predict the rhythm and flow of each song but this; this EP just changed that predictability factor. A new sound has been introduced people and it is "JazzRap" - a smooth blend of jazz, rap, funk & afrobeat. 
Alpha’s EP boasts great storytelling with retrospective and conscious lyrics all embodied in superb production.

The best part for me is the beat production. Seriously I mean it, if you take away the rap + the singing and just close your eyes and listen; there is no way you will not enjoy the instrumentalisation. Awesome work mehn, awesome job; we may see some elderlies enjoying this EP just because of the jazz production. Nino Charmaine's Proud of you Alpha.

“My Own Horns” is Alpha’s third major project after "No Silence" in 2011 and "The Road to R.U.S.H" in 2012. The entire project was recorded across three studios: Provida Studios, Yankee Records, and Audio Nerd Music Studios, all in Lagos, and was entirely mixed and mastered by Alpha.

Warning: This EP has the tendency to take over your playlist with constant replay/repeat… With that warning, I present to you “MY OWN HORNS (The JazzRap Project)” by ALPHA      

Full EP Download:

Individual Download Links:
03 Rookie Music (feat. Fortune): http://bit.ly/1r0GOyP
04 Small Boy (Radio Jazz Mix): http://bit.ly/1nhA28d
05 Breeze (feat. Fortune): http://bit.ly/1nhA6VA
06 Vodka (feat. Purple): http://bit.ly/1f988ne

Alpha is a rapper & producer of SouledOut Muzik / F.O.C.Us. Hey, lest I forget; today's not only the official release date for MOH (My Own Horns), its also Alpha's Birthday! Follow, tweet and send birthday wishes to him @Alpha_Muzik

Happy Birthday Alpha

PS: EP means Extended Play

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Shawty Get Down - Groovy Brides

Naija No Dey Carry Last... where do I even begin from, I love love love that the bride and her ladies where so into this and executed the steps perfectly despite their long and stylish gowns.

You know, you have only one wedding day and I still cannot over emphasize that you totally groove it, enjoy it, have fun in it, and make it yours no matter what!

It is fun, the ladies where beautiful, they were graceful, they were elegant and yes they could shake it hehehe

Enjoy K&N's wedding; yes this is naija *sticking tongue out at those whose weddings were just bland*

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To execute such flawless steps above, Nino Charmaine's gat you. And even if you don't have the nerves or friends to pull this off, allow Nino Charmaine conceptualise an exciting wedding occasion for you so your day doesn't scream boring!.

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Happy Easter People; muah muah muah

Friday, 18 April 2014

If The Dead Could Talk

If the dead could talk 
They’ll ask what did we do wrong? 
You could make bombs 
All I wanted was to go to work 

If the dead could talk 
They’ll ask did we disturb your cause? 
You could make bombs 
While I wanted was to serve my God 

If the dead could talk 
They’ll ask we are no bodies so why us 
Life in Nigeria is hard enough 
But u robbed us our education, transportation,
religion, national duty n mostly our very living

If the dead could talk 
They’ll ask is ur problem the government or us?
Deal with their wrongs if u must 
But no you chose us the innocent ones

If the dead could talk 
They’ll ask so u think u won?
You could destroy us
no worries for the tables would surely turn
If the dead could talk 
They’ll  say the blood of Abel cried to God 
How much more that of thousands of us? 
You took us from loved ones by force 
Just watch! Our God never loses a war 
                                  ... BY ASESHO MAGDALINE

Asehso is a professional lawyer who is passionate about tackling injustice. She is loves music, poetry, writing and raps too.
This piece was written as a result of the increase in the insurgency in the Northern and Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

Nino Charmaine Condoles with the families of those lost in the Monday morning (6.30am) blast at the major bus terminus in Nyanya; Abuja, Nigeria
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One Love

Friday, 11 April 2014

Yes; Nino Charmaine Blogs on/for Underground Artistes for FREE

The blog's wearing a new banner... who knew Insomnia could make such colourful artwork!... what dya guys think? cute right? lol, gracias Motiv8.

Now to the matter at hand; I can go into an epistle on how we all complain about things being tough with so very few people doing any bit to make things better/right... especially in the music scene... {how do you expect an upcoming/yet to be known/underground acts who walked (in hustle terms 'trekked') all the way to meet up with you to pay XYZ Naira before you offer a simple act of kindness like putting up a simple post on your blog?!}, I digress, my apologies. I have heard all such and its sad. 

I do not know how many people will take this offer up but as many that do, I will make good my word. If you are an artiste with a lovely decent song, Nino Charmaine will run a blog post on you for FREE. Yes for free.
The blog post will be run on all Nino Charmaine's online channels - google+, facebook page, twitter, linkedin, nairaland and its other online channels. 
There is no meeting place, no one to pay to, no test or difficulty etc. Just email ninocharmaine@gmail.com and info@ninocharmaine.com.ng; send in your song or hulkshare link to your song, a brief about you (something real, fun and nice) and IF you choose, a picture that'd accompany your post to enable people put a face to the voice (decent pictures please).
I have a few commitments from friends who run blogs and have other forms of platforms to carry the artistes too (if they like/love the songs). But, even if my friends fail, Nino Charmaine won't. As far as your email is received, the post will go up.

Every email received will get a reply within 48hours with a tentative date the post would be up (most likely a week after the email is received). If for any reason, a post cannot be done due to the song you sent, you will also be informed via email.

So while we rock our new banner and still play around with creating various new versions of it, please feel free to storm the email boxes with requests for your free posts.


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Owo Money

The guys at AREA are baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Recall my post on the signing of Ozil by Arsenal (http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/09/of-arsene-wegner-and-signing-of-mesut.html), well the guys responsible for that hilarious representation are back with a new video titled "Owo Money"

Big shout out to the team and people of "OurOwnArea", kudos to the hardwork.

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