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Monday, 16 December 2013

Just Saying... Paul Walker (RIP)

So here's how the night began.... I'm skimming through bbm updates on my phone and I see a friend of mine has put up a picture of O'Conner (that's the name I best remember him by but the rest of you know him as Paul William Walker IV); one of the best silver screen drivers of all time (yes I know its all acting..... Sue me (╰_╯ ) . Anyways there he was on more than 30 display pics and all I'm thinking is how dumb are these people?! check your stories before you all kill the dude sheesh! (oh keep in mind I work and its the kinda job that's got me taking the ostrich stance of head in sand... So most of my info is fed via the web and social media sites which.....ok I deviate; sorry)

Quick "google-ing" reveals stories which read the dude died in a car crash at age 40 with 40 movie credits to his name! stuff is so bloody coincidental I actually formed up a conspiracy in my head (which I still pray is true). Okay no one should hit me with a shovel but I actually still hope its all one big publicity stunt to promote the 7th fast and furious movie. Which moviehead wouldn't think that especially after watching O'Conner's childhood friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) come pay his respects... It looked like something out of a movie; all that remained was Dom's imposing figure standing off shot with that "imma get whoever did this" look on his face and then scene fades to a myriad of images showing us what to expect from fast 7... but unfortunately as much as I would love for it to be true (and trust me I still do), the world says he is dead (fingers crossed on this being a huge sales pitch...it may be in bad taste but it would be quite the gimmick).

Fine fine fine, obviously I'm yet to recover from this loss. Sigh. Then comes the most insulting thing ever from this whole tragic episode; the hurtful rumour that Justin Bierber of all people maybe replacing Paul in the Fast Franchise! People can be so cruel and wicked. How can they possibly think up such horrific rumour?! especially since we are still all grieving, geez! Smh

Dear Universal, I do hope the rumours that Justin Bieber replacing Paul in the Fast Franchise is what is it; Rumours, else... Lemme just leave it at that.

@ Paul Walker, I (we) miss so very much. Even though I hate to say it, your death is gonna make Fast 7 the most successful installment of the whole Fast Franchise. Talk about a bulls-eye marketing strategy!. Reason: everyone's going to see it to see you one last time, to see how the whole production crew pulled together to respectfully bow out your character, too see how the rest of the guys coped after you and too see how your brother Cody (or whoever replaces you) fares in your big shoes. 
And don't blame me for thinking this is all a conspiracy...blame Agents Mulder and Scully.

Forever in our hearts, Love you to bits.

Worthy mention; Ajiri, for making this piece possible. Thanks.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

To The Nigerian Man; Tuale Baba - 'nuff Respect

Africa is the only continent in the world where we do three (yes 3) different types of weddings!

a. The African Traditional Wedding
b. The Court Wedding
c. The Western Traditional Wedding (which many have renamed Church Wedding or White Wedding).

Now since I haven't lived and worked in this field anywhere else in the world other than my beloved Nigeria, I am going to strictly limit this to home.

If you know anything about the Nigerians, it is that we are a lively-party hopping-merry go round-excessive useless-money spending bunch. We love to party & boy do we get down on it wella. 
If a guy wants to get married, he has to perform his wedding 3 times (the traditional, the court and the white) with each having its own cost burden borne mostly by the men. Not an easy fit I must say. I usually imagine the guy breaking his bank accounts and piggy banks to host 3 lavish weddings! 

The alarming cost for hosting such parties is on the increase. Worse off is that the average bride actually encourages this reckless spending. Seriously, how can you allow your husband spend the money he can appropriately invest (e.g buy a land, build houses and rent out to people, start a business etc) on a wedding that come the following day, some else would "out-do" your day and then you claim to love him? I don't understand it at all.... yes I am female.

Lemme tell y'all a secret (shhhh); you don't have to break the bank to host a fabulous wedding and no, you don't have to DIY either. All you need is the right "expert" who is humane at heart to work your event. 
Hear me out, I am not against doing all three types of wedding; heck no. Neither am I against spending on weddings. But I know everyone loves to have some few extra cash leftover after all the spending is done. 
Why have the usual regular wedding and spend carelessly? when you can have a customised unique wedding that would perfectly fit right into you budget no matter how small/tiny/midgety your budget is, thus saving you half the cost of what you would normally spend... Thing is; are you ready to be extraordinary? (see picture above).

I am Nino Charmaine, let me save you some few extra cash which you can channel into your honeymoon, apartment set up, etc - 08055267244, 08181237262, ninocharmaine@gmail.com, info@nincoharmaine.com.ng, @NinoCharmaine. PS: All our brides get a complimentary Serenade *wink*.

Funny how the Whites keep it simple and budget friendly whilst being creative and fun. Yet we borrowing their wedding style over do it!

....Not that I subscribe to a mall wedding...

Forget about the times men get on our nerves, for this singular act of financing these expensive ventures called wedding ceremonies; omo all the married and marriage prospective Nigerian men have my utmost RESPECT.
...ye prospectives, don't forget the contact above to save yourselves from "bank accounts breaking"


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Feet Good Enuff to Eat - UrbanSoles in Nigeria

Ahh my favourite time of the year; Christmassssssssssss. Yep yep the yuletide season is here people and for all you good people in the market for awesome male footwear, I present to you: UrbanSoles.

UrbanSoles is home based outside Nigeria and have been in existence for about 5 years. They specialise in super comfortable Men's high fashion shoes and premium matt loafers.
They just recently came into Nigeria and I feel its nice to have a brand such as this within our grasp.

Their shoes are made with horsbit, authentic leather, velvet, suede, matt leather and snake skin material. 
If your worried about quality, naaaa don't be; because the guys at UrbanSoles take quality very seriously. Moreso, I can guaranty that if you purchase an UrbanSole, you get long lasting shoes for all kinds of occasions and outings.

So, if you are a guy, gift yourself/friend/boss/mentor a lovely pair of urban soles this Christmas. If you are a lady, gift your man/brother/friend/boss a lovely pair of urban soles too. Best part: UrbanSoles is so affordable that it seems too good to be true!.

Call 08032412467 now to place your order. You get a special discount once you mention Nino Charmaine.

It's New, It's Fresh, It's Classy, feast your eyes on a few UrbanSoles.

C'mon, give your feet some value this season. Place your orders 08032412467. 
Yeah Yeah, Yes you deserve an UrbanSole :)


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Of Cocks and Hens - 9ice and Bloggers

Drama Drama Drama, while its works well for some people, it goes awfully wrong for others.

This dude is at it again, yes o. Apparently he hasn't learnt anything from all the bad press and drama trailing him which axed his vibrant career. Remember the never to be forgotten public drama he started of "omoge mi ati padi mi cock and hen-ing lolly pops" which many still feel was too much info for the public... plus who d heck publicly says that about their legal omoge? 

Dude hadn't recovered from that bad press, then went and got himself into baby mama issues. Y'all remember that miss Godis who popped out one time when he & omoge were having marriage issues? The miss had twin girls for him and he publicly denied the paternity of the girls only to wake up 2 weeks after the denial to post pictures of the girls claiming fatherhood, hian! 
When asked why he denied in the first place, he said: eh, he had his reasons for denying the paternity at first. And then opened his mouth to publicly tell us that he didn't know his dad until he was 22yrs and didn't meet his mum until he was 18yrs and when he asked them why they hadn't been in there in his life, they gave him their reasons! thus: "When the twins grow up & ask me questions, I will tell them why I denied them in the first place!"

Anyways, the new drama is his serious warning via twitter. Truth be told, he has a valid point and is indeed making sense as per the whole free upload and download thing killing the artistes and reducing cds sales, but the manner of approach was wrong!

For a guy whoz career in the last 3 years has been quite shaky (some may say spiraling downwards), we expect he would have learnt from all the previous dramas and bad press and then develop a better approach to handling public interaction especially with my colleagues (fellow bloggers)....

My advise to Him; honey sugar bun, if you keep this up no endorsement will come, no show/concert by any reputable company will come, it is the music scene - you can and will be replaced and not missed one bit. Daryln remember you have put up that your house for sale... and please eh, no more "kangaroo hopping-grasshopper flinging-high on something cheap dancing" abeg, abi you want the few of us who are still praying for you & ur career revival to be put to shame? Lemme not even comment on the sillyness of another double album (covers face with hands) ahan, haba brother 9ice!

Lastly if all these dramas have been publicity stunts then your publicity team sucks biiiiiiiig time. FIRE THEM NOW.
If it has all been you and you have no publicity team, then oga, please get a team fast because you need to be re-branded and re-introduced to us. Too many bad press for you and it ain't helping your pockets. Bills dey wey you must foot.

Lemme know your thoughts people, muah.

Monday, 25 November 2013

No, You Are Not a Cinephile (Movie Head) If You Haven't Seen Any of These

...So I was on a date recently with this nice "I too know it all" guy who talked endlessly. Anyways in order to make for a more interesting convo, he asked what I was into, I answered I loved movies and voila just like that; he said he was into movies too! If he had just stopped at that point, that would have been cool, but no Mr. Know it all decided to impress me with his movies skills especially when I said I loved the action-sci-fi-epic-adventure genres.

Long story short, crowning an evening of movie goofs was:"oooh I loved Tom Cruise in The Bourne Movies and Bruce Willis in Inglorious Basterds". I asked if he was sure about the said actors and movies and he answered: "of course I am. hehehe and you said you are into movies, haven't you seen The Bourne Triology and I.B (Inglorious Basterds)". He then proceeded to telling me about some movies which I am sure are yet to be released because they sure as heaven aren't The Bourne Movies or I.B either lol.

Just incase you are wondering these are the goofs
a. The Bourne Film Series has 4 movies to it so it is not a Trilogy
b. Matt Damon starred in the 1st 3 Bourne Movies and Jeremy Renner starred in the last film released last year...Not Tom Cruise
c. Inglorious Basterds starred Brad Pitt amongst other fine cast members. Nope, my daryln Bruce Willis did not star or even make a cameo in the movie. 

The intent of this post is not to ridicule my date, but to let y'all fine people know that you should not falsely rep yourself. I wonder what he would have said if I mentioned I was into action comics and animes?!

With the humility of a thorough bred naija lived gal, I'm going to sentence list some movies here. These movies are the movies I feel any one who calls his/herself a Cinephile must have seen. I have seen all the listed movies and more. The list is to help guide any naija person from knowing if you are a movie buff or not. No, no nollywood movies; no romance, horror or dry drama movies here.
So if you have seen at least 80% of the listed movies and more (which are not listed) then yes you surely can state you are into movies *grin*

PS: I didn't count the numbers of movies, I am just going to list as the flow comes to me. Also, this is not a list of must see movies, it is a list of movies I feel are so general (mainstream) that anyone who boasts of loving movies should have seen at least 80% of these....

Nino Charmaine's List of Movies every Cinephile Must Have Seen

"Casablanca, My Fair lady, Star Wars (both the old and newer versions), Saving Private Ryan, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Armageddon, Schindler's List, Black Samurai, To kill a Mockingbird, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, E.T - Extra Terrestrial, The God Father Trilogy, Die Hard (1-5), Forest Gump, Sound of Music, Inception, King Kong, Indiana Jones (especially raiders of the lost ark, Rocky Film Series, Dark Knight Trilogy, Million Dollars Baby, The Usual Suspects, Finding Nemo, Toy Story Trilogy, Equilibrium [Gun Kata (the only fight style I've wished was real so I could learn it) at its best, awww Christian Bale, sigh], The Bourne Movies (1-4), Inglorious Basterds, Bambi, The Departed, The Pianist, Alien, Terminator, Silence of the Lambs, Citizen Kane, Fifth Element, American History X, Pitch Perfect, Fast and Furious Films (1-6 especially fast 5), Brave Heart, The King's Speech, Gladiator, A few Dollars More, Memento, The Exorcist, Good Will Hunting, Avatar, 8th Mile, Missing in Action, The Sixth Sense, The Big Lebowski, I Robot, 40 Year Old Virgin, A fist full of Dollars, What Happens in Vegas, When in Rome, The Matrix Trilogy, Mean Girls, I am Legend, Top Squad, Seven Lucky Kids, Kick Boxer, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tower Heist, A Thousand Words, Scary Movie, Ted, American Pie, 1408, Avengers, Sin City, White Chicks, The Last House on the Left, King of the Kick Boxer, Final Destination, Bridget Jones Diary, Cast Away, Armour of God, The Hobbit, Gravity, Transformers, Bad Boys, Kill Bill, Training Day, 300, James Bond Film Series (at least 15 of all 23 of them), Happy Feet, Tangled (Well Basically all Walt Disney Princesses Films), Salt, Rambo Film Series, Iron Man, Dark Angel, Shooter, Mission Impossible Film series, Expendables (1 & 2), American Psycho, Transformers (1-3), The Myth, The Mummy (with Bredan Fraser and Rachael Weisz), White House Down, Rush Hour, Crouching Tiger Hidden Draggon, X-men film series (Although I prefer the animation)... Last but not the least... and this is a true test of if you really are; a movie buff or better still a Cinephile - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy {those who know me know that I'd have to be insane to leave this off my list. This film is consistent in all three movies and proved that it is possible to make sequels that would thrump the first movie. Most trilogies loose it at the second & third films but The LOTR went captivatingly more tantalising  especially with the third movie. I am looking forward to meeting a naija bred person who would upstage my super fan status of The LOTR (both the books and movies). For a book that was conclusively deemed unfilmable, I can gun duel anyone who says this isn't the greatest Trilogy ever - draws gun; anyone?}

I am an unapologetic movie head, movie buff, film freak, Cinephile etc. Infact I have only met a few people who have seen as many and even much more movies than I have and have met even fewer who share same movie eye as I do. The movies listed above flowed for the following reasons: badass-ness, music, cinematography, directing, camera angles, revolutionary stories/effects/characters, Music, Exceptional Acting etc.

Andy Chills beautifully sums it up about The LOTR when he said: "Peter Jackson had taken an unfilmable book, and turned into a cinematic masterpiece. This is the truest trilogy (me: ever made), as the story flows seamlessly from one movie to the next. Touching, awe inspiring and altogether badass and winner of 17 bloody Academy Awards, I/We (Andy and I) hereby declare The Lord of the Rings as the single greatest trilogy of all time" 

There goes my list. I sure would love to know what y'all think and which movies you feel I should add (surely this list isn't exhaustive and was written straight from the head).
Feel free to comment... I'm excitedly waiting...

Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

2013... Movies so far (No not Nollywood)

(tip: if viewing with your mobile phone(in Nigeria), use the browser Opera Mini as this would enable all the videos load and play on your mobile device)

True Confession... one of the reasons I looked forward to the year 2013 was the impressive line up of movies waiting to be released in 2013 lol. There were revived careers, comebacks, sequels, prequels, stand alones, documentaries, comedies, animations, sci-fi, action, thrillers, adventures, true life stories etc.
I love movies, and its a wonder I haven't done any write up on movies yet!

As the year draws to an end gradually, it would be a crime if anyone says the movie line up for this year wasn't impressive. C'mon not with movies like White House Down, We are the Millers, Man of Steel (even though I'm not a fan of Supes), Parker, World War Z, Chinese Zodiac (you gotta love Jackie), Elysium, Hansel & Gretchel, Red 2 (the gang's back), 2 Guns (who knew a white guy could out-talk Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker put together! Fantastic Mark, fantastic character interpretation), Iron Man 3, The Heat, The Wolverine, Top Cat The Movie (boy twas soo cool seeing TC again), After Earth, Smurfs 2, Pacific Rim, Epic, Fast 6, G.I. Joe, Retaliation, Monsters University, Olympus Has Fallen, Riddick, Die Hard 5, Now You See Me, Despicable Me 2, The Last Stand, R.I.P.D, Percy Jackson 2...

Thor our handsome favourite Asgardian god returns for a fight down with the army of Malekith in "Thor 2 (The Dark World Spot)" which will be showing in Cinemas across Nigeria starting tomorrow November 7th 2013. I can't wait to see the handsome Chris and his blonde locks (yes most of the hair he spots in this movie are his unlike the wig he wore in Thor 1 and the Avengers) on the big screen again. Anyways, of all the movies showing in 2013, the one I looked forward to the most is this

To me, "The Lord of the Rings" is the awesomest movie EVER since the advent of Movie/Film making. And so I looked forward to seeing how Jackson would top his LOTR trilogy (which is worldwide acclaimed to be one of the best Trilogy ever) with the prequel "The Hobbit". He didn't disappoint, the movie wasn't bad but what I loved was that he successfully fueled our hunger to see more and that's where the part 2 tagged "The Desolation of Smaug" comes in. Ah an, with a trailer like this who wouldn't look forward to seeing the movie when it opens in December?!

Anyways, they recently did a "Hobbit Fan Event". If you missed it, Meriah Doty writing for Yahoo Movies captured it all here (I advise you view it cos you get to see a sweet extended version of the movie trailer) http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/gandalf-potty-mouth-6-other-hobbit-fan-event-003229723.html?soc_src=mediacontentsharebuttons

Other Movies awaiting release but which I'm looking forward to seeing before the year runs out are Disney's Frozen, Home Front, Black Nativity and Immigrant.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in Liberia as you celebrate tomorrow. Cheers


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Groovy Brides

There is no law that says couples can't have fun and ROCK their wedding.

Neither is it illegal to pull a fun and cheery surprise stunt for your groom/bride or from the couple to the invited guests.

We've always wondered why couples spend so much on entertaining guests at their wedding and then forget to get entertained themselves; it beats us!...

We saw this a while back and decided to share. No credit to us,we found it on YouTube posted by Eliana Baucicault. Love love love love love the bride for taking her time to Serenade her groom in front of the whole world this way

... Ladies you see, a wedding is much more than being a bridezilla and overtly Boring ("oh please I gotta be perfect and conservative so that people wouldn't wag their tongues"... yeah right!). Gentlemen, you too can do this for your bride.

So, Wanna flawlessly pull a stunt like this? or if you want your couple's dance or a group dance beautifully executed; Holla us on 08181237262 - B267336ED07063384116 - BB: 25DDD528,  ninocharmaine@gmail.cominfo@ninocharmaine.com.ng.

You can also tweet us @NinoCharmaine and like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany

Your wedding day takes place just once in your life, cmon lets get you rockingggggggggggg


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sneaking up on Ms Posh - Serenades What We Do

Gosh its been exactly two weeks since we wrote something; *covers face with hands* - sowieee. We've been as busy as a bee working, organising seminars, meetings, parties, surprises and yes Serenades.

She's sexy, she's cool, she's smart & funny, she's got her life together, she's real and most importantly; she loves him.
Thankfully, he loves her right back and asked us to pay her a visit.

How do you Serenade Miss Posh?
We decided to do this early in the morning so we capture her without all the makeup, perfect outfit, shoes to die for etc razzmatazz
Flowers - Check, Music (our customised version of Flavour's Baby Oku) - Check, 
Cake - Check, Gift Box - Check, Address - Check, Rolling Camera - Check
Drum-roll - enjoy as we sneak up on Ms Posh

Everyone deserves to be Appreciated and Celebrated with Serenades and Surprises.
"Whether it is:
The Mother who chose not to abort you, or
The Father who accepted you as his and stayed true, or
The Woman who chose to bless you with the rest of her life and be the mother of your beautiful children, or
The Man who allowed you share his life and name, or
The Brother who always looked out for your best interests, or
The Sister who was always at the other end of the phone when that relationship with your ex failed, or
The Friend who encouraged you when you lost your job, or
The Buddy who put in a good word that eventually got you that job, or
The Religious Head who never gave up on you when you were a "growing convert", or
The Chemistry teacher who always believed in you, or
The Professor who you know went the extra mile for you during your dissertation, or
The Boss who showed you the ropes and taught you to be better at your job, or
The Friend who believed in your dream even more than you did, or
The Aunty whose love and affection for you helped build a positive self image, or
The Uncle who told you to believe in your dreams and helped you set up your business, or
The In-law who took you into his home when you first moved into that new city/town, or
The Grandma who taught you to be a hardworking woman and never to quit, or
The Grandfather who taught you to be a man, or
The Friend who never let you settle when you thought you "had arrived" but kept pushing you forward, or
The Colleague who let you have a go at that sales presentation in his place, giving you the opportunity to shine before top management, or
The Cousin who always told you, you were a great photographer; and now you are a well established one, or
The Ex-girlfriend who told you your writing skills were great and urged you to write more... and now you're a leading columnist, or
The Boyfriend who told you "you sing like a bird" and encouraged you to go for those singing lessons; and now your beautiful voice is what you're known for
The Relative who gave you your first platform to speak publicly, and now you are a renowned Master of Ceremonies (MC)..." (Culled From Temitope Olonilua)
The lady/guy who loved you unconditionally and showed you what true love in a relationship meant, or
The employees who faithfully worked with you without pay when your business was starting out; sacrificing time, energy and their future security, or 
The Mentor who patiently guided you, or
Those who assist us at home/the office (drivers, cleaners, house assistants, hair dressers)... the list is endless.

There is a Serenade for everyone and it doesn't cost the world to pull off a mind blowing Appreciation. We are creatively gifted to ensure every output is pocket friendly (affordable). Contact us on
 0805526724408181237262, ninocharmaine@gmail.com, info@ninocharmaine.com.ng, tweet us @NinoCharmainelike our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany

Lastly, don't forget Nino Charmaine also Conceptualises creative and interactive ways to hold your conferences, seminars, training, corporate retreats etc. This way, Participants are alert, engaged and have fun while the snooze is kept away.
We handle the Admin & Logistics for Conferences, Seminars, Training, Corporate Retreats, Office Bonding and Corporate Social Responsibility Outreach.

We'd love to hear from y'all.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Serenades - Ms Yessy's Experience

"... little things go a very very long way, the moment we forget that, then its over..." Scooter Braun

She started her day like every other day; uneventful

Little did she know "he" had a surprise for her... Little did we know that we'd be surprised too! 
We did not expect the number of audience we got, we did not expect the reaction, we sure did not expect to get crowd mobbed by excited and curious onlookers lol. 

Keeping this very simple and raw-ish (and without the mobbish clips), Enjoy our graceful Ms Yeside get Serenaded. Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined


Holding a Corporate Event? Nino Charmaine Conceptualises creative and interactive ways to hold your conferences, seminars, training, corporate retreats etc. This way, Participants are alert, engaged and have fun while the snooze is kept away *wink*
We also handle Admin & Logistics for Conferences, Seminars, Training, Corporate Retreats, Office Bonding and Corporate Social Responsibility Outreach.

Finally, please do like our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany
Tweet us @NinoCharmaine, add us to our gmail circle NinoCharmaine@gmail.com
Ring us on 08064179034, 08055267244, 08181237262
We love being of service to you.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lets Get Serenading - Nino Charmaine on DealDey (Mega Awoof)

....[This is an update to the original Post Below. The Dealdey offer was fun but is over. A big cheery heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who took up the offer, read the blog and helped spread the word. Our prices remain ridiculously cheap and we look forward to hosting you. Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

*dancing to the tune of music playing*

Yes people, Christmas came early this year as Nino Charmaine debuts on Naija's very own discount site DealDey. We are offering our Premium Serenade Service @ a massive discount just for the next 7 days (yes o, better awoof) and the fine people at DealDey couldn't have put in any better words than these...:

"Surprises can take different forms like getting your Christmas present in Easter or Opening your favourite pot of soup and finding cockroaches in it (*big grin*). Surprise your loved ones in the best way possible with today's Deal for a Bespoke Serenade Session courtesy of Nino Charmaine Company.

Flowers and music have been the trademarks of romance (and appreciation) since time immemorial. Take advantage of our professional vocalists on sensual instruments and weave special moments to cherish.

Select from two service options which may be either a vocalist on a musical instrument with exotic flowers, and a gift box containing any one of: a bottle of wine, cake, chocolates, candies, ice-cream, fruits, spa voucher, scented candles OR a vocalist on a musical instrument with a gift box containing any three of: a bottle of wine, cake, chocolates, candies, ice-cream, fruits, spa voucher, scented candles. This Deal is a perfect gift for appreciating loved ones, pastors, mothers, fathers, wife, husbands, friends, associates etc. Choose your loved ones' favourite songs or have one chosen from a list to Serenade the most important person in your life.

Nino Charmaine is a company that is involved in Conceptual and Exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring and conservative"

...What can we say, we strongly believe everyone deserves a moment of spotlight meant for them alone... and we really wanna genuinely delight and spread happiness to everyone.

Hurry now to the DealDey website or use this direct link http://www.dealdey.com/deals/bespoke-serenade-service-from-nino-charmaine to enjoy this Service at the massive discount rate. Take up this offer while it lasts.

We know we all love awoof, so we are already looking forward to receiving your orders from DealDey.

To have a feel of how this is done just in case you missed the video post on our executed Serenade, please visit this link http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/serenades-what-we-do.html and enjoy the video of Ms MOE's Serenade.

To also see pictures from another executed surprise, please view it here http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/port-novo-surprise-what-we-do.html


Monday, 23 September 2013


We'd just straight out say it; we are stomped on how to start this post!

Yesssssssssssssssssss DJ Switch won, but words actually fail to capture our joy, excitement and the "DJSwitch Won the XFactor Dance" we did when she was announced winner... thus our being stomped on how to start this post (Yes people, we fashioned out a victory dance and totally enjoy ourselves dancing it).

Errmm if this is your first time and it feels we are speaking Chinese, please read the following posts to get a proper feel/understanding of what we are going on about: http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/glos-x-factor-west-africa.html, http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/09/dj-switch-glos-x-factor.html and http://ninocharmaine.blogspot.com/2013/08/glo-x-factor-weekend-23-25th-aug-2013.html

This post is specially dedicated to "bsk" who commented on our previous post about DJ Switch (Dj Switch & Glo's X Factor). Enjoy

For the Grand Finale, they were asked to perform the songs they did during the auditions which qualified them to the next stage of the competition. 
[Recall for the auditions, DJSwitch sang "Forever Young by Jay Z" and she started with Jay Z's lyrics then switched it up to hers.] Well, for the grand finale, using the beat of the song, she rapped to her own lyrics and then did a tribute to her Mentor MI by singing a verse of his lyrics from his song "Undisputed Champion". Now even though it was the grand finale, she gave us a lil' something to show she is a force to reckon with when it comes to stage performances; she rapped bent backwards (she had previously rapped upside down), making us love the disciplined hard worker she is...

...the Finale progresses and she is announced winner...she couldn't stand still, couldn't talk, couldn't believe herself, tripped on the stairs while she ran down to hug her mum... ahh, twas wonderful seeing her go through all those emotions all at once. We loved the sheer surprise, grace and humility she displayed when she was announced the first Glo XFactor Winner, taking home a whooping N24m ($150,000) and a recording contract with Sony Music. 

Tit Bits:
We loved Alexandra Burke's first outfit but too much oil was rubbed on her skin to make it shine!
Eyfa looked gorgeous in her red gown. Flavour we couldn't resist. Toolz wore her worst outfit of the entire show. We loved Bella's outfit, she and Toolz were cute with the right amount of make up on (are we the only ones who saw the resemblance between the two ladies? hmm) & we noticed Eshun wasn't pleased/happy for Switch as she hugged her unlike Vicky...(or was that just us?)
We also loved DJSwitch's rendition of the winner's song "Safe Landing". She did it her way :)
And last but not the least, watch out for DJSwitch's mum's dance on stage hahahaha, we've tagged it the "N24m dance" hehehe

Good people, Presenting to you for the last time, DJ Switch on Glo XFactor Season 1.

and the winner is 

To #DJSWITCH; Congrats gal. You deserve it. We remain by your side to cheer, encourage and support you as you grow into the superstar you already are. Just take heed to the words MI spoke to you after you were announced winner. All the best in your career gal... we wouldn't mind being part of your official publicity team *big grin*

Yes we would love to see a DjSwitch and MI song. But not the bursting all out rap thingy everyone's clamouring for. We'd love short soft verses by each rapper and then a hard call and response between the two rappers (it plays out perfectly in our head *big grin*)

For complete videos on all DJ Switches Performances please visit the Glo XFactor channel on youtube.
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Monday, 16 September 2013

Omo See Signal... Faaji

[UPDATE - As at the time we originally wrote this post, we had no idea who the creators of this master piece were, now we do, its the awesome animators at Orange VFX. All kudos and rights go to them. Please like their facebook page and subscribe to their channel too. Enjoy]

...You know that feeling when you see a video sooo good you just gotta share? Well that's was the case with this absolutely awesome video as it was too fab not to share with you good people.

We have no idea who to give the credits for this video but one of us attributed the credits to "Be Inspired_TV"... Again, this video isn't ours; if you know who owns it please tell us and we would give them the full credits for it.

Be warned, the video is contagious and guaranteed to lift up your mood no matter the state you are in... So, put on your dancing shoes and join our animated friends as they "mu jo jo" to the correct Gbedu (kindly pause blog song on the right hand corner of the page)

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Official Pictures of the Movie - Last Minute

Yes yes yes we rep all things Angel F and guess what, hez in a movie yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. Naturally we have to rep the movie too *winks*

Movie Title: Last Minute
Movie Producer: Eva George. CEO of Mo Eva's World Production
Movie Director: Best Okoduwa
Movie Genre: Dance Drama
From the Producer: Eva George promises Last Minute is a very unique film with a powerful rich story which tells the plight of Orphans and the less privileged in a way she is certain has never been told in Nigeria before. Eva George hopes the movie would encourage the government, the organised private sector and individuals to give more attention to the needs of charity organisations and the less privileged amongst us.

Enjoy as we bring you some of the official pictures of the main movie cast

PhotoShoot Credits:
Costumes: Anne George and Lewis Bassey
Make Up: Anne George
Hair Stylist, Manicure/Pedicure: Tope Alafin
Photoshoot Manager: Eva George

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