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Friday, 27 May 2016

Serenades & Care Packages

...Imagine being surprised with a Serenade and given a romantic care package afterwards.
Contents of the package are a book, a rechargeable bulb, scented candles, essential oil with an oil burner, chocolates, dry nuts & fruits, 2 CDs and a note which says...

Scented candles to set the ambiance while you take a relaxing bath and settle down to read the book
The book because you've longed for it and need all the tips in slaying as you forge ahead
Rechargeable light bulbs because you said you were scared of the dark (no thanks to phcn) and I don't want you to ever fear anything
Essential oils because I want you to have the smell of sweetness even when I cannot be there
Chocolates because you are worth it
Nuts & dry fruits because you'd need something healthy to balance the chocolates
Savage Garden CD because I love "our song"
Kiss Daniel CD because I know you are crushing on him even though you won't admit it...lucky me cos I have you
No occasion, just sending you an out of the blues surprise Serenade because You Rock my World.

The above sounds silly right? but we bet you it'd be the most incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift your special one would have ever received!

We are Nino Charmaine, Our service - Serenades Redefined

Hi People,

It does not need to be a special occasion for you to treat your significant other, for you to show them exactly how much they mean to you. The same goes for your parents, siblings, loved ones, friends, colleagues, mentors, or boss.

Everyone loves beautiful surprises and our Out-of-the-blues Serenades paired with our care packages are the perfect way to mesmerise anyone.

There's a Serenade for everyone, every occasion and every moment; same goes for our care packages which range from "romantic" to "a little bit of home" to "get well soon" to "movie clues" to "jar of joy", "fantasy baskets" to "missing you" and many more. The range is endless; You contact us and we'd frame it for you!

Forget about the cliche and boring gifts, gift a memorable experience with our Serenades and specific occasion themed care packages which are creatively crafted with only the most thoughtful and bespoke items and favourites of your recipient; the example above says it all. Ladies don't leave your man out, surprise him with a Serenade.

May 2016 is almost over; have you gifted a Serenade yet?

 We've got a lovely array of Custom Designed Serenades - View

 Get blown away through our portfolio of executed Serenades (our gallery) - View

 Relive each Serenade through the words of our happy clients; Testimonials - View

Contact us and let's get Serenading

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  • Email: serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

PS: Care packages are useful or enjoyable items that is sent or given as a gift to someone whom you love (family, romantic, just friends); they are especially given to someone who is away from home... Yep, distance is a perfect reason to gift a Serenade :) 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Acapella MashUp by Nino Charmaine - Melo Melo (Olamide) & Sari Sari (PSquare) - An Apology Serenade

The initial challenge was getting most people to grasp our Serenades Redefined services... this is being conquered :) (www.ninocharmaine.com)

Next came the questions, "how do we know you are indeed creative with songs, comedy, visuals, your compositions et all".... the answer to this birthed the Meet Our Serenaders Series which is a project of different series of our team basically showcasing a tiny bit of our creativity.

We got busy and can happily announce The "Meet Our Serenaders" Project has began. 
Kicking off the series are our musical team... Enjoy the first video from this series and meet Olaitan, Tayo, Victor, Tosin, IK, Lekan and Chika from team Nino Charmaine's musical team. While we're at it, we've also got series with Babatunde, Caino and Seunstics coming up. 

We are passionate about our Serenades, our clients and our people.

PS: we’re pretty sure this is the first ever pure acapella MASHUP in Nigeria...

Serenades is what we do - http://www.ninocharmaine.com/gallery/

So, it doesn’t matter if you have an idea or not, talk to us and let’s see how we can build and bring your Serenade to live for you. We will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

     Tel:    08181237262, 08055267244, 08064179034
     Email:     serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

Remember, our amazing team is working for your happiness.

Have you been to our website yet? Do check it out on www.ninocharmaine.com

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Project #MeetOurSerenaders #SerenadesRedefined

Photography by - Kabz Creation (07062653166)
Video by - Naijab Media (08026641569)

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Valentine's Day...
Don’t fret it cos we’ve got you covered

Valentine Serenades by Nino Charmaine
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serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Kilode by Fortune Angelo

So, Y'all know we are passionate about the music career of one of our very own Serenaders, the extraordinary Fortune Angelo, which means it shouldn't surprise you seeing various posts on him and his activities on our blog.

Well, hez here again, this time with a new single titled "Kilode".
Without giving out too much, we here at Nino Charmaine all LOVE Kilode's mid-tempo groovy production, yep yep *big smiles*.

*whispering, come closer*, shhh don't tell anyone...We can tell you a video for Kilode is in the works (you heard it here first) and will def bring it to you once it drops.

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy "KILODE" BY FORTUNE ANGELO 

PS: Kilode was produced by Inspire Music and engineered by FOCUs Audio.

Hey, don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with Sweet, Jaw-Dropping, Fun, Awesome, Intimate  SERENADES and Surprises
Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, 08064179034, serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Serenades Redefined - What Are Serenades?

What are Serenades? We get asked this question a gazillion times whenever we talk to people about our services, thus the main reason for this post... 

While the plain ol' definition of Serenades can be google-d, we (Nino Charmaine) have redefined Serenades to be: a performance given to honour an individual or express love for/to someone or a group of people.

Serenades Redefined - Our Serenades are creative artistic compositions done

a. to express love for/to someone
b. in honour of someone or a group of people

Our compositions incorporate Music (vocalist + instruments), Comedy, Art & Craft, Dance, Flowers, Decor and other intimate details tailored to the recipient to communicate how you feel and celebrate those who mean so much to you.

Our Serenades are thoughtful gestures designed to celebrate individuals and groups in fun, intimate and exclusive ways. What we do in each Serenade is, make a celebrity out of our recipient! We make our recipients a star with their own spotlight as we display an array of performances for them. All our Serenades are SURPRISES which is the coolest thing about them. 

Don't get us wrong, our Serenades can be very private, private, semi private or public, the choice is that of the client. Nonetheless, no matter the choice, the focus is on creating an awesome lifetime memory for the Serenade recipient as nothing else in the world matters to us at that moment except the recipient.

Having said that, let's clarify two things - No, Serenades are not for lovers only and heck NO, ladies aren't the only recipients of a Serenade (sorry ladies). Our Serenade Redefined services can be gifted to anyone or group of people.

Why a Serenade?
"Memories are the only thing you have left after all is said and done"... That's why the gift of a Serenade is more precious than any physical or material gift.

Take for example, you spend N80,000 to buy a brand new handset as a gift... once that handset gets stolen or falls beyond repair it is replaced and forgotten or if the handset gets faulty & requires repair, the recipient incurs un-budgeted costs on a "gift" received. But,
If you gifted the recipient a Serenade, one so sweet and customised to suit the recipient, you achieve a better result and the recipient replays the event again and again and again and again giving you big credits each time; this doesn't cost the recipient a single dime in repairs or loss and neither does it depreciate in value with time.

Everyone loves to be celebrated, we all love to have our own spotlight, we all dream of having people come together to do something sweet and thoughtful just for us, besides, the memory from a Serenade lasts for a lifetime, and nothing can take the feelings felt by the recipient when they receive a Serenade.

Why send a boring gift box when you can be mind blowing with the gift of a customised Serenade for a fraction of the cost?!
The recipient loves to laugh, big deal we'd have a customised stand up comic as part of the Serenade.
Recipient loves music, take your pick bcos we've got 1st class acts in all genres of music.
Want a "Transformers" themed Serenade? Don't sweat it, give us a call
Want to incorporate dance? Art work or crafts? Flowers?, is the recipient a Romantic at heart, a conservative person? One who loves puzzles, soccer, movies, or maybe a workaholic?, just contact us and its all done
Is your recipient a kid? The elderly?, Missing or Saying Sorry to that Special Someone? or you decided to Surprise someone out of the blues? yep we've got you covered.
Do you have a girl you want to ask out and don't know how to? Or you want a romantic outing (a date)? We handle all these.

Whatever the occasion: an Anniversary, a Birthday, Celebrating a Promotion, a Wedding Proposal, a Sendforth, a Welcome home, a Thank you, Missing Someone, Fulfilling a wish, Saying Sorry to that Special Someone OR an out of the blue Surprise, Why not add that Nino Charmaine touch for a mind blowing experience ---> gift a Serenade

For more info or booking, kindly give us a call on 08181237262, 08055267244, 08064179034, or interact with us + watch our videos through: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, twitter & Google+, just search Nino Charmaine. BBPin: 2BC7FEEC
Emails: serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

A few from our Portfolio

We Surprised the recipient at the Salon with a Serenade on behalf of our client.
Saying she was shocked would be an understatement, and the reaction of fellow salon customers, priceless. Enjoy the Video

And this was a Serenaded proposal; we conceptualized it, planned and executed it to perfection waaaaaay beyond the client’s expectation… you can see we even got an applause from the recipient even though he was kneeling before her with a ring! Enjoy the Video

Yea, that's a lovely elderly couple dancing with our team. We surprised this couple on behalf of their son with a 6am Serenade and spent the day with them - Enjoy the Video

Even the skies are a Perfect place for a Serenade... We Serenaded this recipient in-flight from Lagos to Abuja (Nigeria)! Enjoy the Video

Kelly was far away on the high seas but that didn't stop us from Serenading him on his birthday on behalf of our clients (a couple of his friends), this was so much fun to do. Enjoy the Video

Anywhere’s perfect for a Serenade, even a Hospital! Yes we surprised this adorable recipient by Serenading her in the hospital with her favourite Nigerian rap artiste

He called us and said: there's no occasion, I just want her to know she means the world to me, Serenade her. And of course we did, she got Serenaded right in her office in front of her colleagues. Enjoy the Video

This is another Serenaded Proposal Conceptualised and Executed by us on behalf of our client... we hear she can't stop talking about the proposal till date. Enjoy the video                          

First thing in the morning, we were at her house on behalf of her fiancĂ©. Aww the whole compound and neighbours erupted with excitement. Enjoy the Video

We went to Port Novo to surprise our client’s mum with a Serenade on her birthday and have also executed a Serenaded Proposal on behalf of a client in Dublin, Ireland. Enjoy

For more videos, kindly check out our Youtube Channel and subscribe please.

Click to know more About us - Nino Charmaine

We leave you with a few pictures from our Serenade Album


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Brand New AREA Video- Last Man

They are Back Agaiiiiiiiiiiiiin

Yep yep our funny neighbourhood comic skit-ers are back and are it again! This video is ridiculously funny if you live in Lagos, Nigeria or have experienced the gentlemen of the LASTMA on your visit here, but hey should in case this sounds like gibberish to you, one thing we can guarantee is that the video will most def make you laugh... Easter's around the corner people and it's a perfect occasion for a Serenade, Enjoy

Don't forget We Are Nino Charmaine and We Do - SweetWarmJaw-DroppingDelightful SURPRISES

Holla 08181237262, 08055267244, 08064179034, serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Video - Paradise (The Angelo Version)

Remember my first post on this (HERE), well, the viral video is out yaaaaaaaaaay and I am so glad I finally got around to putting up a post on it (covers face with hands).

FACT - The song's so infectious that I bet you'd love Fortune's lovely, decent, simple and engaging video (kudos Fortune Angelo)... I can already feel the ladies smiling lol.

Hey, don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises Our 50 percent discount is still on, Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

One Love; Peace