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Monday, 16 September 2013

Omo See Signal... Faaji

[UPDATE - As at the time we originally wrote this post, we had no idea who the creators of this master piece were, now we do, its the awesome animators at Orange VFX. All kudos and rights go to them. Please like their facebook page and subscribe to their channel too. Enjoy]

...You know that feeling when you see a video sooo good you just gotta share? Well that's was the case with this absolutely awesome video as it was too fab not to share with you good people.

We have no idea who to give the credits for this video but one of us attributed the credits to "Be Inspired_TV"... Again, this video isn't ours; if you know who owns it please tell us and we would give them the full credits for it.

Be warned, the video is contagious and guaranteed to lift up your mood no matter the state you are in... So, put on your dancing shoes and join our animated friends as they "mu jo jo" to the correct Gbedu (kindly pause blog song on the right hand corner of the page)

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