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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Serenades Redefined - Welcome Missy (VIDEO)

This Serenade was pure and beautiful for so many reasons

a. The exceptionally gifted and vibrant guitarist and composer - Seunstics honoured our invite. His presence and output of his craft was a delight to watch during rehearsals and execution

b. We crafted an original compose - made the lyrics all about her and her sojourn abroad, evoking a truly visual experience for the recipient

c. We delivered the above compose - sung in a folklorish - RnB Styled tune by Seunstics of course

d. She loves John Legend so in addition to the above, she got a customised version of John Legend's Stay With Me

e. Then we didn't disappoint, we topped it all with a mash up of different naija songs, omo even her family members over grooved the Serenade lol

f. Trying for something different, we did a sketch anime for this video

g. Best of all was composing the "USA vs NIG" list, she loved it, went gaga, was teary, and dumbstruck (in a good way) with excitement.

Awww, don't let us keep you waiting here's the video

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Leave your comments, especially if you liked the sketch anime video thingy *big grin*

Saturday, 19 July 2014

... Their Happily Ever After Begins


We are at one of the most beautiful wedding ceremonies ever! Beautiful not because it is tastefully decorated and classy, but because the love and chemistry between the couple is electric.

Remember Ms Posh? The Serenade Nigerian Pop Sensation Fortune Angelo honoured our invite for? Well yea, both she (the recipient) and he (our client) just tied the knot, yipeeeeeee

We Serenaded her on his behalf (Sneaking Up on Ms Posh - Serenades What We Do) & now, their happily ever after begins...

Thanks for letting us be part of your story, we're honoured (teary eyed). Here's wishing you the best of all fairy tales, Congrats you two; Happy Married Life.

Nino Charmaine

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