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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Serenades - What We Do

Without being boring and conservative, how do you express how you feel to "The One"?

Simple, you contact Nino Charmaine. Which is what this client did.

It may look simple and easy but trust me, the logistics involved in pulling this off was plentiful. Nonetheless, we had so much fun doing this.

Every bit of this Serenade was researched. Song choice, rehearsals, cake choice - flavouring - design, execution date/day, flowers, timing, making sure we don't get thrown out by the security at her office (hehehe) amongst others.

Result... Well you be the judge. Enjoy as we present to you Serenading Ms MOE by Nino Charmaine (as usual, please pause the blog song at the right corner of the page)

Yea we know, the video is short and transitions fast, sigh; Nigerians are still getting used to public displays. We had to arm wrestle the client and recipient to get a permit to publicly display even the tiny bits you just saw *smiles* We totally love how the Video cover song: Give You the World by Fortune Angelo (formerly Angel F), brings the whole video to life.

On a serious note, we can't begin to tell you the countless executions done under Intimacy and LifeStyle, yet they won't let us publish!

But don't let that stop you. Everyone deserves to be Serenaded and celebrated. Spouses (ladies note; Serenade your men too), Loved ones, favourite Teachers, siblings, Kids, Religious leaders, Families, Bosses at work, Staff/employees, colleagues, those who assist us at home/the office (drivers, cleaners, house assistants, hair dressers)... the list is endless. 

Contact Nino Charmaine on 08181237262, 08055267244, 08064179034, ninocharmaine@gmail.com, info@ninocharmaine.com.ng, tweet @NinoCharmaine and please like the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany. There is a Serenade for everyone and it doesn't cost the world to pull off a mind blowing Serenade. Nino Charmaine's creatively gifted to ensure every output is pocket friendly (affordable).

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Port Novo Surprise - What We Do

Within the early moments of its conception, Nino Charmaine pulled off an Int'l Enamoured Surprise. We did it in 3 days and on a tight budget (the best thing about Nino Charmaine's services is that it is ridiculously pocket friendly). Contact us on 08055267244, 08064179034, 08181237262, serenades @ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com, Instagram - Nino Charmaine

The Occasion: Birthday Surprise to my client's mum
The Location: Port Novo, Benin Republic
Execution: Done. Yes Nino Charmaine delivered at Port Novo, Benin Republic just 3 days after getting an unplanned last minute call from the client
Reaction of Recipient (Mum) & Sender (client): Priceless. NinoC WOWed them both with flawless execution (planning, logistics, timing, visitation surprise, cake, card, gift items)

Enjoy some of the pictures... Enamoured Surprises... that's what we do :) (pssst like our facebok page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany and follow us on instagram - Nino Charmaine and  twitter - @NinoCharmaine

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

ALPHA - "The Greek Prince of Rap"

..."I know nobody will lemme do this song free & if I rush this thing it won't sound like me. Everybody's telling me time is money but its time for promo & therez no money for that shit; so as it is please: No Pressure"....... (Music track: Pressure, artiste: Alpha)

Boy, are we excited. A few days back we mentioned we would chronicle budding artistes and we started with a sneak peak at budding "Senjutsu-Pop" artiste Angel F (see post on 27/08/2013).

Today, we present to you another budding Rap artiste by name Alpha - "The Greek Prince of Rap". Yes yes we know, if hez calling himself the Greek prince of rap then he had better be the shiznit... (nodding) Yep, we can confidently confirm he is.

Usually with budding and underground artistes, we hear a lot of amateur singing/rapping, senseless compositions, irritating lyrics and ear shocking sounds which all = CRAP!. So imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to finally listen to something very "Ivy League" from Alpha. 
Our excitement about his two new self produced singles; Pressure and Small Boy, made writing this post easy. 

Officially released online barely 2 days ago, both songs have so far recorded over 2,160 downloads via limelinx & hulkshare (information correct as at time of this blog post).
"Pressure" - basically is an appeal to fans & followers to give him a lil' time to sort out important aspects of his life (education, family etc) before he focuses on blowing our minds away with good music. While
"Small Boy" - is an expression of his feelings about the so-called age limitations for a young man with a big dream. For us, the best part of Small Boy is that you cant help but groove the song. Even those with 2 left feet will find themselves dancing out with unbridled enthusiasm to his mid-tempo afrobeat progression (we love the gongs infusion).

Both songs are well written, interesting, beautifully & creatively delivered. We applaud his research as it is clear that these songs were done with an understanding and the interest of the teeming Nigeria music loving people in mind. Both songs are radio & street friendly, ripe for Nigerians in diaspora yet uncompromising Alpha's true Rapping gift. We guarantee you will be hooked on them as we already are. 

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Not to worry, yours truly (@NinoCharmaine) will track this Enigma down for an exclusive interview and bring you all the juicy jist on him *wink wink*

Aight good people, for your listening pleasure - Alpha (please like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NinoCharmaineCompany, follow me on twitter @NinoCharmaine and dance away to Pressure and Small Boy by Alpha)


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Glo X Factor - The Weekend (23-25th Aug. 2013)

We have so much going on that we are going to keep this short, as short as we can.

The Glo weekend started with Evictions on Friday. Ankara Boi and Symphony were the bottom two and had to battle it out. Watching this show on Friday was amazing as we saw Symphony give their best performance on the Glo X Factor stage. With smiles and delight, they harmonised their way into our hearts singing for a second time Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" from the movie Armageddon.
Ankara Boi on the other hand, came out with a defeated, deflated attitude which was not lost not on all of us watching the show. Needless to say, when it came down to the judges and MI had to be the deciding Judge (yet again), he gave it to Symphony. We agree with MI because a set back like that isn't a reason to give up!. He should have fought and given a command performance to earn his place and remain in the show... Ankara Boi, we wish you all the best; if its any consolation, we loved your rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

Saturday Gala show night was the big bang era. Starting was Princess Pat with S.B's "Diamonds are Forever". She put up a fair performance and was a good start for the night but heck no, we hated her outfit.

Next was our Girl DJ Switch singing "Rehab". Now because she is so awesomley awesome, MI had to bring two of his friends to come watch her perform (you see, we aint just hyping the girl for nothing). And of course she delivered, her starting was technically professional. This young lady is just a performer lol. Aunty Onyeka wanted to pour sand sand in her garri but MI finished the matter. We wonder how someone watching that performance would ask if she is worth taking round the world or if she is an X Factor. Kai aunty O, we love you but no dey bad mouth DJ Switch for nothing. Important to report is that MI stated that there are people who are currently earning Millions in Nigeria who should come sit down and learn how to perform from her (DJ Switch), yes we agree too. She was the only one who involved the crowd in her performance and Reggie appreciated it and commended her for it.

Up Next was Symphony, they started well but their harmony was off... at lease they had better outfits that night than they have had all through the show.
Next was Eshun, singing Big Spender and she did well. 
Pheel went next, he sang Delina, he also did it well. 
Vicky closed the show singing another song by S.B and she was phenomenal. Now while we enjoyed her performance and voice, we felt it was a safe bet for her. She can sing anything with high notes so what's the challenge in it! Also, her performances are poor. She stays in one spot and sings, what's the fun in that. We can as well play a record instead of paying to seeing her sing. Someone should teach them that this is show business, sometimes the voice is not enough. Nonetheless, she played with some of her notes and boy did we enjoy that.

Our Verdict: Based on Voice Performance Vicky owned the Night. Based on a full package performance (dance, voice, stage usage, audience connection, outfit, smile, confidence, sassyness) DJ Switch ruled and owned the night.

This week, they were gifted a master's class with the African Kings of "the new wave of music" - PSquare. We are jealous, we are happy for them and we do hope they let the words PSquare spoke to them germinate and produce fruits. If artistes like PSquare can tell you that it is hard out there, I wonder why anyone would wanna not fight hard to win a spot (reference back to Ankara Boi).

We are looking forward to this weekend with Glo and also to the beginning of September when MDA (Maltina Dance All) Season 7 starts.

We can't end this without mentioning Toolz. Two words: Delectable and Delightful.

Cheers people.

Sneak Peek - Angel F

You may or may not have heard of budding "Senjutsu - Pop" Artiste Fortune D'Angelo (formerly known as Angel F) because let's face it, its hard keeping up with the drove of new artistes coming up each day... but hey, that's why you have us :). We would prune, shift, distill basically do what it takes to ensure we follow and encourage the career of only budding artistes who are worth the mention (our solemn pledge).

We decided that we do a chronicle of budding artistes starting with Angel F. So below is a montage of Angel F's 2012 appearances. Don't worry, all the juicy scope on him would come up in a later blog but if you can keep a secret we would tell you this; hez got an awesome voice, he is a great dancer, an electrifying performer, hez lyrically blessed and writes such great music you wonder if he is Nigerian! shhhh don't say we told you.

By the way we love him so much we used his song "Messing With My Head" as our official blog song.

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Here's Angel F (Please Pause the blog song; right hand corner of the page to enjoy the richness of the video montage)

Don't forget we celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

Friday, 23 August 2013

Glo's X Factor - West Africa

It’s no news that Nigeria’s telecom giant Globacom has brought the much famed X factor to West Africa; However it is very disturbing that no blog or sites or anything carries stories on either the Result (eviction) show or the Gala performances by the contestants! What this means is that if you missed the programme due to power outage, a faulty gen set, traffic, a football game, work related emergencies, amebo/tatafo related emergencies  there is no place for you to catch the juicy jist of what went down! Haa not when Nino Charmaine is an ardent lover of TV, Movies and all things entertainment.

Since we are on the verge of the 3rd Result night where one more contestant would leave the show, let’s give y’all a quick recap…Warning DJ Switch already captured our hearts so we are openly hooting for her. We don’t know her, she doesn’t know us but we love the fight, the spirit, the hard work, the dedication and commitment in her. Mixed with all this is the fun, ease and fluidity each performance of hers embodies. Never have we seen a rapper go head to head with singers and beat them at their game and boi does she have a wonderful singing voice. Shez obviously a star and I hope some money bags and record labels are ready to snatch her up if she doesn’t win this competition because she is a sure money spinner.

Brief Summary, X Factor (read it up on Wikipedia) was brought to Africa by Globacom. We have 3 judges who also serve as mentors to the contestants who made it to the gala stage. Onyeka Onwenu ‘The Elegant Stallion”, MI “Mr. Incredible” and Reggie Rockstone “Ghana’s Legend”. I must give kudos for the choice of judges, very nice mix.
MI mentors the over 23yrs Category – Pheel, Princess Pat and DJ Switch
Onyeka mentors the under 23yrs Category – Ankara Boi, Eshun and Vicky
Reggie mentors the Groups Category – DNA Twins, Symphony and Smooth Boyz.
As at today, DNA Twins (whom we think really aren’t that talented) and Smooth Boyz are out of the competition. So we have 6 contestants left fighting for the title spot and fight did they on last Saturday’s gala show.

Saturday 17th August 2013 was songs from the judges’ favourite movies. In order of contestant appearance, here’s what went down.

Ankara Boi: Show kicked off with him singing Seal’s Kiss By a Rose from the Movie Batman. We weren’t impressed with his singing; it was so flat, so thin & wasn’t rich enough. His Ankara like black cape was yurk but we did love his makeup. Overall we gave him an average mark.
Judging, Reggie was like it was good (he is the good guy of the show). MI was truthful, said he said it was an average performance nothing umph about it. But aunty Onyeka keeps deceiving these children by telling them they were excellent when they really were awful! Geez.

DJ Switch: Yes our girl came up second. She sang Beyonce’s Listen from the movie Dream Girls. For her sake, please y’all should go to the website (www.gloxfactor.com) to watch it. 
From her voice switch, modulations, control, switch to rap, stage performance and usuage, clothing, her personality, her flow with the beats; every single thing about her performance was top notch. She is exceptional.Best of all, we could see the respect and admiration in the judges faces while she performed especially on that of her Mentor; MI. MI looked at her and we could tell her was going like “gaddam, she is extremely awesome, why hasn’t anyone put money on her?!” He said she is the Xfactor and that is just true.
To us, she constantly raises the bar, you watch her and your happy, you enjoy it. Even the raw expression on her face is priceless. 
One thing we didn’t like about DJ Switc at the gala show doe was the turquoise blue lipstick slapped on her by some silly assed stupid makeup artiste. Who the hell ever does that? Match a lipstick to a tie, belt and sneakers? When it’s not a movie video or Broadway performance? Issssh… Moving along;

Pheel: We really do not know why he is still in the house because he keeps missing his lines, he’s a stiff dancer and performer and there is nothing exceptional about him! He is singing R.Kelly’s Goddam City from the Movie Batman too.
Now that’s a song and movie we love & so we hoped he’d do justice to it but nope Pheel disappointed us…We were more disappointed in MI for lying to the dude telling him that his performance was great when it was not. We can only only guess MI felt the performance because he loves the song! Pheel is like he lost it after the auditions. No fight no drive; nothing. He didn’t bring anything fresh to it. He sang it flat! We taya for these judge sha.

Vicky: She was next. Now Vicky has a lovely voice, a great singer but she is not an XFactor. She can only sing high notes. She can’t hit the low notes and She’s singing We don’t need another hero, all in low ranges… that song didn’t do her justice at all. She struggled all through the performance. She couldn’t connect with the audience. It was just off. What we do love doe is her outfit. Very on point.
Reggie for once speaks the truth about the performance, agreeing with MI that it was a wrong choice of song for her and he didn’t really feel the performance.

Eshun: This girl can sing. She is the only competition for DJ Switch. She is singing from the movie the Wizard of OZ; Over the rainbow. We also love Eshun but she lacks so many technicalities’… Damn her voice is lovely but her performance was boring. She is the type of singer that when she is singing you can ping, chat, read the newspaper etc. Basically, she is not engaging enough to watch and that is a no no for any performer who wants to be a show stopper and that is also one of the best selling points of DJ Switch!.
Now the person who did her makeup is evil and wicked because they used a white powder on the poor girl’s face leaving her face and neck grossly and visibly over powdered. Her outfit was lovely, her hair was okay but her makeup was awful.
Aunty Onyeka cried o, we don’t know why but we are guessing the producers asked for a little more drama from the judges and so the tears. Again her voice is exceptional but she more like background music than a real performer to us.

Symphony: The only surviving contestants in the group category under the mentorship of Reggie. They sang singing one of our best songs ever - Aerosmith’s I don’t wanna miss a thing from the movie Armageddon. 
We prayed and hoped they kill it but alas the costuming was wacked, the positioning was wacked and the singing was even more wacked. Harmony zero, singing zero, costuming zero… the only good thing is that they got the lyrics right. We wonder why the guy with a different outfit wasn’t placed in middle & why his jacket was made from a different fabric from his pants? It is our recommendation that the best singer in the group goes solo now that there is still time else these boys would just waste his time.
They were our shocker for the night, Onyeka and MI went easy on them but we sum up their performance in one word; crap.

Princess Pat: Our utmost respect to her. We salute her everytime she graces the stage. She has an awesome voice and is a beautiful lady. We respect her for coming this far, seriously we see her being among the last four (DJ Switch, Ethsum, Vicky and Princess Pat). She is singing “From a distance”. Princess Pat's voice is as awesome as Ethsum’s and best of all, she can hit both the low and high notes. We enjoyed watching her sing, we were drawn in unlike in Ethsum’s case when we could chat on the phones, etc. We paid attention and watched her from beginning to the end because she is that good.
The best part of her performance for us was the look on MI’s face as he watched her. Respect, admiration and sheer unbelief at what a lady in her age can pull off.

Toolz: To her wardrobe people, her accessories people, her makeup people, her hair people we @Ninocharmaine say a big thank you. Toolz has been a full complete package since the show started. Simple, elegant, sexy, lively and beautiful. Kudos, please keep up the good work on her. She has been looking engaging, and a delight to look at.

Lastly the judges complained about voting, seriously we vote for our girl DJ Switch but we feel N50 per sms is too much. Yes we enjoy the show but the sms should have been N10 per sms at most N20…

We will be seeing the result show later tonight and we will most def write about it. We encourage you guys to vote and keep voting.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

This is Nino Charmaine

Who We Are - We are creative professionals who love to delight

What We Do - We plan heart-warming, sweet, jaw-dropping SURPRISES

Our Service - Serenades Redefined

How We Serenade - We use music (vocalist + instruments), candles, flowers, gifts, dance, poetry, craft/art works, decor + many more and use more-than-just-words to communicate how you feel and celebrate those who mean so much to you.

Who Should Be Gifted a Serenade – Our Serenades Redefined services can be gifted to anyone; male, female, old, young, kids… there is a Serenade for everybody

Who Should Contact UsEveryone. 08181237244, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

Gift a Serenade - To your Clients or Loved ones; Be it out of the blues OR for an occasion [proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions, get well soon, sendthforth, homecoming, appreciations/thank you, valentine, team bonding, wedding, parties, ring presentation, renewing marital vows, celebrating friends, siblings, kids, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, fulfilling a wish, an apology to someone (or a group of people), a feel good party, house warming, etc].

One Word to Describe the Reaction of the Recipient & those around - PRICELESS

All our Serenades are customised to give each recipient a personalised wonderful experience...Creating Lifetime Memories

Welcome to Nino Charmaine's Blog

“Nino Charmaine is a Celebrations Company, we provide a boutique of services designed to celebrate individuals and groups and create exquisite lifetime memories.”… Founder

Nino Charmaine is a company that is involved in the conceptual and exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring and conservative. Leveraging creative human, tangible and intangible elements, we plan and execute celebratory gestures and events for individuals and corporate organizations alike. Our services are bespoke to each client and recipient.

The core of the business is to provide Serenade and Enamoured Surprises Services to customers who want to delight their friends, husbands, wives, relations and other people who get delight services. Serenades are creative artistic (usually music) compositions done in honour of someone or a group of people. Typically, people associate Serenade beneficiaries to be people in love relationships with those purchasing the service, but this is not always the case. Serenade services can be from children to parent and vice-versa, among siblings, among colleagues (vertical and horizontal levels) and between business partners. The idea of a serenade service is to celebrate the impact people have been on the lives of others, apologise to people for wrongs done to them and celebrate people on special milestones in their lives.

This is our first post and we are excited.

Nino Charmaine also Conceptualises creative and interactive ways to hold your conferences, seminars, training, corporate retreats etc. This way, Participants are alert and engaged whilst having fun. This fosters team bonding/building and the *snooze* culprit is kept away.

In addition, we do Intimacy & Lifestyle, Mobs & Entertainment, Training, Seminars, Conferences, Fairs, Ads, Hospitality.

This blog is purely to talk about and promote what we do and love in the most appropriate manner. Individually, we would also blog about anything current, old, classic, ancient, etc and give you the info in our way. We are not professional writers :), we just wish to share with y'all what we do, how we (the team) I touch lives, and how you can get us to be of service to you.

Call us crazy but we hope to grow our blog hits organically; did I mention we do Serenades? Hey hit us up for any of the above services especially the Serenades at the most affordable fees *wink wink*. 

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