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Monday, 16 December 2013

Just Saying... Paul Walker (RIP)

So here's how the night began.... I'm skimming through bbm updates on my phone and I see a friend of mine has put up a picture of O'Conner (that's the name I best remember him by but the rest of you know him as Paul William Walker IV); one of the best silver screen drivers of all time (yes I know its all acting..... Sue me (╰_╯ ) . Anyways there he was on more than 30 display pics and all I'm thinking is how dumb are these people?! check your stories before you all kill the dude sheesh! (oh keep in mind I work and its the kinda job that's got me taking the ostrich stance of head in sand... So most of my info is fed via the web and social media sites which.....ok I deviate; sorry)

Quick "google-ing" reveals stories which read the dude died in a car crash at age 40 with 40 movie credits to his name! stuff is so bloody coincidental I actually formed up a conspiracy in my head (which I still pray is true). Okay no one should hit me with a shovel but I actually still hope its all one big publicity stunt to promote the 7th fast and furious movie. Which moviehead wouldn't think that especially after watching O'Conner's childhood friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) come pay his respects... It looked like something out of a movie; all that remained was Dom's imposing figure standing off shot with that "imma get whoever did this" look on his face and then scene fades to a myriad of images showing us what to expect from fast 7... but unfortunately as much as I would love for it to be true (and trust me I still do), the world says he is dead (fingers crossed on this being a huge sales pitch...it may be in bad taste but it would be quite the gimmick).

Fine fine fine, obviously I'm yet to recover from this loss. Sigh. Then comes the most insulting thing ever from this whole tragic episode; the hurtful rumour that Justin Bierber of all people maybe replacing Paul in the Fast Franchise! People can be so cruel and wicked. How can they possibly think up such horrific rumour?! especially since we are still all grieving, geez! Smh

Dear Universal, I do hope the rumours that Justin Bieber replacing Paul in the Fast Franchise is what is it; Rumours, else... Lemme just leave it at that.

@ Paul Walker, I (we) miss so very much. Even though I hate to say it, your death is gonna make Fast 7 the most successful installment of the whole Fast Franchise. Talk about a bulls-eye marketing strategy!. Reason: everyone's going to see it to see you one last time, to see how the whole production crew pulled together to respectfully bow out your character, too see how the rest of the guys coped after you and too see how your brother Cody (or whoever replaces you) fares in your big shoes. 
And don't blame me for thinking this is all a conspiracy...blame Agents Mulder and Scully.

Forever in our hearts, Love you to bits.

Worthy mention; Ajiri, for making this piece possible. Thanks.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

To The Nigerian Man; Tuale Baba - 'nuff Respect

Africa is the only continent in the world where we do three (yes 3) different types of weddings!

a. The African Traditional Wedding
b. The Court Wedding
c. The Western Traditional Wedding (which many have renamed Church Wedding or White Wedding).

Now since I haven't lived and worked in this field anywhere else in the world other than my beloved Nigeria, I am going to strictly limit this to home.

If you know anything about the Nigerians, it is that we are a lively-party hopping-merry go round-excessive useless-money spending bunch. We love to party & boy do we get down on it wella. 
If a guy wants to get married, he has to perform his wedding 3 times (the traditional, the court and the white) with each having its own cost burden borne mostly by the men. Not an easy fit I must say. I usually imagine the guy breaking his bank accounts and piggy banks to host 3 lavish weddings! 

The alarming cost for hosting such parties is on the increase. Worse off is that the average bride actually encourages this reckless spending. Seriously, how can you allow your husband spend the money he can appropriately invest (e.g buy a land, build houses and rent out to people, start a business etc) on a wedding that come the following day, some else would "out-do" your day and then you claim to love him? I don't understand it at all.... yes I am female.

Lemme tell y'all a secret (shhhh); you don't have to break the bank to host a fabulous wedding and no, you don't have to DIY either. All you need is the right "expert" who is humane at heart to work your event. 
Hear me out, I am not against doing all three types of wedding; heck no. Neither am I against spending on weddings. But I know everyone loves to have some few extra cash leftover after all the spending is done. 
Why have the usual regular wedding and spend carelessly? when you can have a customised unique wedding that would perfectly fit right into you budget no matter how small/tiny/midgety your budget is, thus saving you half the cost of what you would normally spend... Thing is; are you ready to be extraordinary? (see picture above).

I am Nino Charmaine, let me save you some few extra cash which you can channel into your honeymoon, apartment set up, etc - 08055267244, 08181237262, ninocharmaine@gmail.com, info@nincoharmaine.com.ng, @NinoCharmaine. PS: All our brides get a complimentary Serenade *wink*.

Funny how the Whites keep it simple and budget friendly whilst being creative and fun. Yet we borrowing their wedding style over do it!

....Not that I subscribe to a mall wedding...

Forget about the times men get on our nerves, for this singular act of financing these expensive ventures called wedding ceremonies; omo all the married and marriage prospective Nigerian men have my utmost RESPECT.
...ye prospectives, don't forget the contact above to save yourselves from "bank accounts breaking"


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Feet Good Enuff to Eat - UrbanSoles in Nigeria

Ahh my favourite time of the year; Christmassssssssssss. Yep yep the yuletide season is here people and for all you good people in the market for awesome male footwear, I present to you: UrbanSoles.

UrbanSoles is home based outside Nigeria and have been in existence for about 5 years. They specialise in super comfortable Men's high fashion shoes and premium matt loafers.
They just recently came into Nigeria and I feel its nice to have a brand such as this within our grasp.

Their shoes are made with horsbit, authentic leather, velvet, suede, matt leather and snake skin material. 
If your worried about quality, naaaa don't be; because the guys at UrbanSoles take quality very seriously. Moreso, I can guaranty that if you purchase an UrbanSole, you get long lasting shoes for all kinds of occasions and outings.

So, if you are a guy, gift yourself/friend/boss/mentor a lovely pair of urban soles this Christmas. If you are a lady, gift your man/brother/friend/boss a lovely pair of urban soles too. Best part: UrbanSoles is so affordable that it seems too good to be true!.

Call 08032412467 now to place your order. You get a special discount once you mention Nino Charmaine.

It's New, It's Fresh, It's Classy, feast your eyes on a few UrbanSoles.

C'mon, give your feet some value this season. Place your orders 08032412467. 
Yeah Yeah, Yes you deserve an UrbanSole :)