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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Celebrate Your Loved Ones with an Exquisite Serenade from Nigeria’s leading Delight Consultant

Loved ones, clients, friends are the precious and priceless people in our lives who deserve to be celebrated, shown how special they are and how much they mean to you. 

Now the problem is how do you appreciate and celebrate your loved ones without being boring and conservative? How do you surprise them and create memories that will last a lifetime? The solution is simple:


Who We Are - We Are Creative Professionals Who Love to Delight 
(Nino Charmaine is a Delight Consultant; we are involved in the conceptual and exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring and conservative). 

What We Do - We plan heart-warming, sweet, jaw-dropping SURPRISES 
(The core of our business is to provide Serenade and Enamoured Surprise Services to customers who want to delight their friends, husbands, wives, relations, other loved ones and clients). 


We Use - Music (vocalist + instruments), candles, flowers, gifts, dance, poetry, decor + many more and use more-than-just-words to communicate how you feel and celebrate those who mean so much to you and all of our serenades are personalized to give each recipient a personalized wonderful experience. 

We have a track record of crafting and executing memorable Serenades and celebrations for clients for birthdays, proposals, wedding anniversaries, job anniversaries, thank you gestures, get well soon gestures, send-forths and homecoming celebrations, apologies, fulfilling a wish, wedding day Serenades and out of the blues celebratory gestures. 

This is our work:

We surprised this client at the Salon, saying she was shocked would be an understatement.    Enjoy the Video Here

First thing in the morning, we were at her house on behalf of her fiancé
And this was a Serenaded proposal; we conceptualized it, planned and executed it to perfection, waaaaaay beyond the client’s expectation… and the answer from his sweetheart, a deafening YES Enjoy the Video Here

We surprised this couple on behalf of their son with a 6am Serenade and spent the day with them - Enjoy the Video Here

We went to Port Novo to surprise our client’s mum with a Serenade on her birthday and have also executed a Serenaded Proposal on behalf of a client in Dublin, Ireland
We use music (vocalist + instruments), candles, flowers, gifts, dance, poetry, craft/art works, decor + many more in executing our Serenades

Anywhere’s perfect for a Serenade, even a Hospital! Yes we surprised this adorable recipient by Serenading her in the hospital with her favourite musician

Our Serenades are customised to give each recipient a personalised wonderful experience. Our Serenade packages are also affordable and pocket-friendly, and you can trust us to exceed your expectations and that of your loved ones and clients.

Serenade your Clients or Loved ones in Style; Be it out of the blues OR for an Occasion [proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions, get well soon, sendthforth, homecoming, appreciations/thank you, valentine, team bonding, wedding, parties, ring presentation, renewing marital vows, celebrating friends, siblings, kids, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, fulfilling a wish, an apology to someone (or a group of people), a feel good party, house warming, etc].

One Word to Describe the Reaction of the Recipient & those around - PRICELESS

Call us today to learn more about our services and get a quote - 

Nino Charmaine

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Email: ninocharmaine@gmail.com, info@ninocharmaine.com.ng

Monday, 8 September 2014

PSquare is Back Again

PSquare PSquare PSquare.... ok, so yes they are still together (*sticking our tongue out at bad belle people them) and yes, we also wanna agree with you that all the rofo rofo fight was a publicity stunt!

Anyways, the whole fuzz is because of their 6th studio album set to be released on the 12th of September 2014. The album's titled Double Trouble, contains 13 tracks, and features appearances from David Scott, TI, Don Jazzy, Awilo and Jermaine Jackson (Michael Jackson’s brother). We respect them, 6th studio albm and still very relevant in the industry. They've been amongst the top and have maintained that stance, kudos guys.

Forget the whole grammer jare, see the track list and #ANTICIPATE...these guys are fineeeeeeee. 

Don't forget we (Nino Charmaine) celebrate your loved ones and clients with awesome, fun, jaw-dropping, sweet Serenades and Surprises. Contact us today 08181237262, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com. #SerenadesRedefined

One Love. Peace

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Serenades Redefined - The Proposal - The Video

A Diamond Ring can always be upgraded but a proposal story can only be written once! 

Creative Consultant, Nino Charmaine Organises Surprise Serenaded Proposal, Enjoy

Now that's how you propose *big smile*. You can’t change a Proposal Memory & Story and, you've got just one chance to get it RIGHT! You need us and we'd give you 6 reasons why.


1. You are carried away with the realities of work, stress and wanting a memorable proposal...

2. Quiet, Loud, big, small, romantic, themed, playful, unique, whatever your character or nature and that of your beloved, we have you covered ;)

3. No one would thoughtfully and insightfully review your moments together like we would, to pick out and inculcate into the proposal the highlights you’ve shared together

4. Guys/Men, we really are on your side and want to get you the biggest bragging points EVER! Your sweetheart will tell the story to everyone (family, friends, colleagues, your children, your grandchildren, strangers, acquaintances’, etc), imagine if your proposal is bland, ordinary or damn right thoughtless!

5. Even superheroes need help in certain areas (The Avengers, Justice League, Transformers, etc)... so if you think you’ve got it and do not need professional help, think again!

6. Bonus – You get pictures and videos... Learn more about us on - Nino Charmaine - Who We Are

"Planning the proposal is just as important as buying the ring, so make it count. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or over the top but it should go beyond a text saying, “Oh, by the way, I bought you an engagement ring.” After all, you only get once chance to pull off an amazing proposal."... The Knot

Leave your comments, share this video with your family, friends, colleagues, circles and watch it as many times as you want.

One Love. Peace