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Thursday, 22 August 2013

This is Nino Charmaine

Who We Are - We are creative professionals who love to delight

What We Do - We plan heart-warming, sweet, jaw-dropping SURPRISES

Our Service - Serenades Redefined

How We Serenade - We use music (vocalist + instruments), candles, flowers, gifts, dance, poetry, craft/art works, decor + many more and use more-than-just-words to communicate how you feel and celebrate those who mean so much to you.

Who Should Be Gifted a Serenade – Our Serenades Redefined services can be gifted to anyone; male, female, old, young, kids… there is a Serenade for everybody

Who Should Contact UsEveryone. 08181237244, 08055267244, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

Gift a Serenade - To your Clients or Loved ones; Be it out of the blues OR for an occasion [proposals, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, promotions, get well soon, sendthforth, homecoming, appreciations/thank you, valentine, team bonding, wedding, parties, ring presentation, renewing marital vows, celebrating friends, siblings, kids, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, mentors, fulfilling a wish, an apology to someone (or a group of people), a feel good party, house warming, etc].

One Word to Describe the Reaction of the Recipient & those around - PRICELESS

All our Serenades are customised to give each recipient a personalised wonderful experience...Creating Lifetime Memories

Welcome to Nino Charmaine's Blog

“Nino Charmaine is a Celebrations Company, we provide a boutique of services designed to celebrate individuals and groups and create exquisite lifetime memories.”… Founder

Nino Charmaine is a company that is involved in the conceptual and exciting conveyance of emotions and feelings to loved ones without being boring and conservative. Leveraging creative human, tangible and intangible elements, we plan and execute celebratory gestures and events for individuals and corporate organizations alike. Our services are bespoke to each client and recipient.

The core of the business is to provide Serenade and Enamoured Surprises Services to customers who want to delight their friends, husbands, wives, relations and other people who get delight services. Serenades are creative artistic (usually music) compositions done in honour of someone or a group of people. Typically, people associate Serenade beneficiaries to be people in love relationships with those purchasing the service, but this is not always the case. Serenade services can be from children to parent and vice-versa, among siblings, among colleagues (vertical and horizontal levels) and between business partners. The idea of a serenade service is to celebrate the impact people have been on the lives of others, apologise to people for wrongs done to them and celebrate people on special milestones in their lives.

This is our first post and we are excited.

Nino Charmaine also Conceptualises creative and interactive ways to hold your conferences, seminars, training, corporate retreats etc. This way, Participants are alert and engaged whilst having fun. This fosters team bonding/building and the *snooze* culprit is kept away.

In addition, we do Intimacy & Lifestyle, Mobs & Entertainment, Training, Seminars, Conferences, Fairs, Ads, Hospitality.

This blog is purely to talk about and promote what we do and love in the most appropriate manner. Individually, we would also blog about anything current, old, classic, ancient, etc and give you the info in our way. We are not professional writers :), we just wish to share with y'all what we do, how we (the team) I touch lives, and how you can get us to be of service to you.

Call us crazy but we hope to grow our blog hits organically; did I mention we do Serenades? Hey hit us up for any of the above services especially the Serenades at the most affordable fees *wink wink*. 

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We believe in interaction so please, feel free to post your comments.

One Love; Enjoy


  1. our First Post baibeee *uber excited*

  2. Congratulations! We when I say "we look forward to interesting discussions" on this blog am sure I speak not only for myself. All the best.... from Comfort Boman

  3. Many Thanks Comfort. We appreciate your viewing the blog. Please become a regular on the blog. Many thanks.