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Friday, 27 May 2016

Serenades & Care Packages

...Imagine being surprised with a Serenade and given a romantic care package afterwards.
Contents of the package are a book, a rechargeable bulb, scented candles, essential oil with an oil burner, chocolates, dry nuts & fruits, 2 CDs and a note which says...

Scented candles to set the ambiance while you take a relaxing bath and settle down to read the book
The book because you've longed for it and need all the tips in slaying as you forge ahead
Rechargeable light bulbs because you said you were scared of the dark (no thanks to phcn) and I don't want you to ever fear anything
Essential oils because I want you to have the smell of sweetness even when I cannot be there
Chocolates because you are worth it
Nuts & dry fruits because you'd need something healthy to balance the chocolates
Savage Garden CD because I love "our song"
Kiss Daniel CD because I know you are crushing on him even though you won't admit it...lucky me cos I have you
No occasion, just sending you an out of the blues surprise Serenade because You Rock my World.

The above sounds silly right? but we bet you it'd be the most incredibly sweet and thoughtful gift your special one would have ever received!

We are Nino Charmaine, Our service - Serenades Redefined

Hi People,

It does not need to be a special occasion for you to treat your significant other, for you to show them exactly how much they mean to you. The same goes for your parents, siblings, loved ones, friends, colleagues, mentors, or boss.

Everyone loves beautiful surprises and our Out-of-the-blues Serenades paired with our care packages are the perfect way to mesmerise anyone.

There's a Serenade for everyone, every occasion and every moment; same goes for our care packages which range from "romantic" to "a little bit of home" to "get well soon" to "movie clues" to "jar of joy", "fantasy baskets" to "missing you" and many more. The range is endless; You contact us and we'd frame it for you!

Forget about the cliche and boring gifts, gift a memorable experience with our Serenades and specific occasion themed care packages which are creatively crafted with only the most thoughtful and bespoke items and favourites of your recipient; the example above says it all. Ladies don't leave your man out, surprise him with a Serenade.

May 2016 is almost over; have you gifted a Serenade yet?

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Contact us and let's get Serenading

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  • Email: serenades@ninocharmaine.com, ninocharmaine@gmail.com

PS: Care packages are useful or enjoyable items that is sent or given as a gift to someone whom you love (family, romantic, just friends); they are especially given to someone who is away from home... Yep, distance is a perfect reason to gift a Serenade :) 

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