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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Song Alert: Paradise - The Angelo Version

"...think twice, ...stay with me girl you'd be alright..."
We can't stop dancing and its the 70th time! Yes the song has been on replay! chei gbedu...

Damn, we here at Nino Charmaine love songs with awesome productions. Songs where you can close your eyes, listen and let the music illuminate you; dance track, slow jam, gospel, rock, funk, pop whichever...

Another Day in Paradise is one of Phil Collin's most successful songs in his solo career and is easily recognised worldwide, little wonder most people love to cover or re-do their version of it. Latest person to have a go at it is Nigerian's Fortune Angelo, however, we promise you; his version/adaptation is NOTHING you expect. This song is simple, clear and has got a vibrant mid-fast tempo. It's guaranteed to get you dancing... we can easily see "baby think twice" and "stay with me girl, you'd be alright" easily becoming street mantras. Trust us, what Fortune and his team did with this song is nothing short of exquisite. 

Alpha and Provida Hits sampled the Phil Collins production and produced the song while the Song was Mixed and Mastered by F.O.C.Us Audio.

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More on Nigerian Pop Artist Fortune Angelo
1st Appearance - Previously Known as Angel F. He got Bigger, Better, Now re-branded, he is FORTUNE ANGELO... Yep Fortune Angelo is the artist previously known as Angel F. We all grow don't we? Hence the change in name.

Team Affiliations - Phrase Beats, Souledout Ent., Inspire Music, F.O.C.Us, Nino Charmaine

Abilities - Vocal Prowess, Dancer & Choreographer, Actor, Entertainer Extraodrdinaire

Genres - Pop, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, R&B, Threatre, Motion Picture, Dance

Notable Aliases - Serenading Vocal Force of NINO CHARMAINE and Featured on "My Own Horns" - The Jazz Rap Project by Alpha  

More About the Song - Paradise the Angelo Version: The original song was sung in a third perspective by Phil Collins but Fortune Angelo totally turns this around and makes a lovely reach out to folks who have suffered one broken trust on the beauty of letting go of the past and enjoying new found relationships.

Fortune not only coined out his own originality with the song, but went ahead to deliver with beautiful vocals & a wonderful composition.


Hey today's Fortune's Birthday so don't forget to wish him well @Fortune_angelo on Twitter and Facebook.

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