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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ALPHA - "My Own Horns" (The JazzRap Project)

I’d just say it; nope I did not expect what I heard when I listened to this EP… I was like; jazz rap from a young early twenties Nigerian rapper? Yea right... Ok o let’s hear it… and boom, what came forth was explosive. 

Young Rapper and Producer Alpha is no newbie to this blog (read our first write up on him here). However, "My Own Horns (The JazzRap Project)" is his brand new EP of six original songs, all self-produced, and featuring guest appearances from Fortune (formerly Angel F) and new songstress Purple. 
The average person who listens to music by Nigerian acts can almost predict the rhythm and flow of each song but this; this EP just changed that predictability factor. A new sound has been introduced people and it is "JazzRap" - a smooth blend of jazz, rap, funk & afrobeat. 
Alpha’s EP boasts great storytelling with retrospective and conscious lyrics all embodied in superb production.

The best part for me is the beat production. Seriously I mean it, if you take away the rap + the singing and just close your eyes and listen; there is no way you will not enjoy the instrumentalisation. Awesome work mehn, awesome job; we may see some elderlies enjoying this EP just because of the jazz production. Nino Charmaine's Proud of you Alpha.

“My Own Horns” is Alpha’s third major project after "No Silence" in 2011 and "The Road to R.U.S.H" in 2012. The entire project was recorded across three studios: Provida Studios, Yankee Records, and Audio Nerd Music Studios, all in Lagos, and was entirely mixed and mastered by Alpha.

Warning: This EP has the tendency to take over your playlist with constant replay/repeat… With that warning, I present to you “MY OWN HORNS (The JazzRap Project)” by ALPHA      

Full EP Download:

Individual Download Links:
03 Rookie Music (feat. Fortune): http://bit.ly/1r0GOyP
04 Small Boy (Radio Jazz Mix): http://bit.ly/1nhA28d
05 Breeze (feat. Fortune): http://bit.ly/1nhA6VA
06 Vodka (feat. Purple): http://bit.ly/1f988ne

Alpha is a rapper & producer of SouledOut Muzik / F.O.C.Us. Hey, lest I forget; today's not only the official release date for MOH (My Own Horns), its also Alpha's Birthday! Follow, tweet and send birthday wishes to him @Alpha_Muzik

Happy Birthday Alpha

PS: EP means Extended Play

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  1. Love the CD Cover artwork. And the songs too. Great work.

    1. MuzikMuze graces my blog yipeee... Glad you love Alpha's EP
      Thanks for reading the post, listening to the EP & commenting, Alpha will hear