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Friday, 1 August 2014

Seunstics - The Reason

"Seunstics is a massive singer...his voice & technical skills on the guitar pierces the heart and moves the soul to heights! God is able in his life... He is a gift to this world." -Adegoke Tolulope A.

The first thing that jumps at you when you meet Seunstics is his Passion, well at least that's what happened when I met him for the first time!

Seun is an amazing person, with a vibrant and bubbling personality, eager to jump on his Guitar to thrill, so I'm not surprised with the review/comments his new single - The Reason is generating.

Remember the Welcome Home Serenade we recently did? (here - Serenades Redefined - Welcome Home Missy), we scored big points for that Serenade all thanks to Seun.

Seun is a soulful singer with a blend of Folk, RnB and Jazz. And today, I'm pleased to formally debut his spanking new single - The Reason. 

With an irresistible salsa groove blended with a thumping bass line produced by Segigo, Seunstics shines in "The Reason". The song is a sizzling silky smooth tune that is capable of awakening your sense of gratitude to God and I dare say the eclectic soulful Seunstics is going to be one of Nigeria’s soul powerhouse. Yes I said so. 

Without further a-do, download and enjoy The Reason by Seunstics here - The Reason by Seunstics.

We love the guitar work, instrumentality and play of the song and so will you.

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One Love; Peace.


  1. Incredible flow. Amazing sound. Everything just works together to perfection! And the guitar works....ugh!!

    1. aww thanks Niyi for your comment. We're so glad you love the song and even more glad that you took time to comment, Seunstics will hear. Thanks again.
      One Love